• fulfilled a set of works related to construction of erosion control facilities on the rivers of the Moscow region;
  • constructed over-fall dams on the Moksha river and the Serdoba river in Penza region;
  • fulfilled canal dredging works on the Kiya river in Kemerovo region;
  • designed a canal lock on the Teza river in Ivanovo region;
  • fulfilled bank protection works on the Kuban river and Protoka river in Krasnodar Krai;
  • commenced works under the...

In 2002 Zarubezhvodstroy OJSC was called to activities within the scope of international program for the Aral Sea saving. The Company won a complex international tender and undertook construc- tion of a large dam with culvert facility in the North Aral Sea (length of 13 km and height of 7.5 km) and hydraulic engineering canal for Syr Darya River rise. Implementation of this project is of a nationwide importance for Kazakhstan. Zarubezhvodstroy OJSC assumed an undertaking to com- plete...

Starting from 2005 the company has been participating in the construction of Sangtudinskaya hydropower plant that will solve a problem of heavy deficit of electric power in the Republic of Tajikistan. It fulfilled a substantial scope of work connected with construction of two construction- operation and four power conduits, and is now at a final stage of work on erection of end facilities of these flow passages.

BENI-ZID dam was erected in 1993. Its primary purpose is to regulate flow of Beni-Zid River for irrigation of lands and water supply to Kollo City. Total volume of reservoir — 40 million m3; dam height — 45 m; crest length — 141 m; tunnel with diameter of 4 m and length of 208 m; volume
of waterworks facility fill — 505 thousand m3; concrete and reinforced concrete pouring — 8,900 m3; and cement-grout curtain area — 11.78 thousand m2. 

Message from CEO

For more that 45 years Zarubezhvodstroy Company has been successfully operating in the field of design and construction of waterworks and irrigation facilities. We had built and helped to built more than 60 large objects in Africa, South Asia, and Middle East. During years of work, we gained invaluable experience that allows us to build almost any objects successfully and on the highest engineering level.

Company Brief

Zarubezhvodstroy OJSC operates as a successor of Zarubezhvodstroy State Enterprise, established in 1963 by the USSR Ministry of Water Industry for the purpose of building hydraulic and waterworks facilities abroad.

The enterprise actively carried out the intergovernmental agreements until early 1990s, having constructed dozens of large hydraulic and waterworks objects almost in every part of the world. But governmental financing ceased in 1990s, so Zarubezhvodstroy, put under control of Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation, was to take several administrative, technical and financial measures to continue its operations.

Last News

23 of May 2011 the Russian company Zarubezhvodstroy embarked on a major project for the construction of the Kandadji dam in the Republic of Niger.

In Algeria, the company completed works on the construction of diversion structures complex for diversion of the Djer oued. Works on installation of electrical equipment of the pumping station have started. Temporary commissioning of the facility is planned for April 2011.

The group of specialists of the company headed by its Director General Mr. Gudzenchuk visited the Republic of Niger to discuss with the Niger part the plans for construction of hydraulic complex KANDADJI.

On the 6th of October, the General Director of Zarubezhvodstroy OJSC Mr. E.V. Gudzenchuk visited Algeria as a member of the delegation accompanying D.A. Medvedev, the President of Russia, during his official trip in Algeria.